World's First Blockchain Based Space Strategy MMO

Based on Real Astronomical Data, Players Earn Cryptocurrency From Planet / Empire Management, Intergalactic Commerce, Combat (in some sectors only), Blockchain Based Trading and Assets, Exploration. Technological Research, and More

The game is already playable. At the moment we are focused on populating the galaxy with astronomically correct star system information, and running mathematical simulations to determine the best sustainable modes of resource generation and distribution in the final game (including mechanisms for burning these resources to maintain scarcity), generating and finding in-game art assets, among other things.
Planet / Star System ownership in Federation Space is represented by unique blockchain assets owned by players. Each star system will have a unique crypto token that can only ever be owned by one player. The blockchain asset can be traded on decentralized exchanges for cryptocurrencies like BTC or HYPER at a price decided by the owner (if the owner wishes to sell their crypto generating Star System).
The first iteration of Crypto Galaxies will run on PHP in a web browser. The game works on all devices (including Android and iPhones) and looks great on iPads and tablets. It definitely has that retro browser based game feel, but the UI is being given an overhual to make sure it pleases your eyes as you explore the galaxy, and manage your in-game crypto assets and resources.
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